The Advantages of Random Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug screening is a good way of ensuring that you don’t hire people with severe drug addictions. However, this type of test is only conducted once—before the employee begins working. But what happens after the employee starts working? What ensures that they don’t start using after joining your team? This is, of course, the downside of pre-employment drug screening, and it is also the reason why many employers opt for random drug screening during employment.

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When you test your employees randomly, you can:

Help Build a Healthier Workforce

Illicit drug use comes with a number of health risks. By having random drug screenings in place, you not only discourage your employees from using drugs, but by implementing this policy, you also contribute to a healthier workforce. Even outside of the workplace, random drug screenings can help your employees live a healthier lifestyle. There are few deterrents as strong as the threat of losing your stable job.

Create a Safer Workplace

People who are not impaired by drugs or alcohol almost always make more sound and safe decisions. This is generally true in both life and in the workplace. It is especially true if your work environment involves dangerous tools, heavy equipment, and being responsible for others’ safety. To achieve this desired drug-free environment, however, it is simply not enough to screen employees before working. Instead, to truly discourage drug use, employers should randomly test their employees throughout the year, ensuring that they are more than capable of performing their dangerous job, creating a safer environment for everyone.

Add Stability to Your Workplace

Studies show that drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace costs American businesses billions of dollars each year. This is because employees who are battling a drug addiction are far more likely to be tardy, absent, less productive, involved in an accident, and file a workman’s compensation claim. Randomly screening your employees for drug and alcohol use can help mitigate these threats, creating a more stable, consistent, and effective workforce.

Save Money

As you might have already gathered, when you add up all of the above-mentioned advantages, you can save your business money in the long run. Additionally, when you choose to have a professional drug testing service like Affordable Evaluations carry out your screenings, you can save additional money. Our certified and state-licensed professionals can perform drug and alcohol tests for nearly any agency, industry, or profession, and we can do so at an affordable rate.

As research suggests, drug abuse is sadly here to stay. The effects of drug addiction are not only threatening to the stability of personal lives but also to society and companies. As an employer, you have the right to keep your company free of drug abuse. And one of the best ways of enforcing this is through random drug and alcohol tests. Not only will this type of policy help improve your workplace, but it will also help (ever so slightly) to mitigate America’s drug problem.

Read more about us, our evaluations, out-of-state services, substance abuse treatment programs, and contact us today with any questions you may have or to schedule our professional services.

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