If you have recently been put out of work because of a failed drug test, we can help you get back to work.

Whether you’ve been suspended from your job or your company is requiring you to take part in an SAP-guided program as a condition of future employment, Affordable Evaluations can help. Our Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) have experience working with the stipulations and guidelines of a variety of agencies, industries, and return-to-work programs. When you contact Affordable Evaluations, we will partner you with a Substance Abuse Professional who is qualified and certified to handle your individual return-to duty program.

Affordable Evaluations Return-to-Work Programs

Our SAPs have met the credential and training requirements set by the following return-to-duty programs:

  • Industrial and Petrochemical Regulating Agencies – Petrochem and other similar industrial companies are deeply committed to safety, reducing risks, and keeping their employees safe. If you have failed a drug or alcohol evaluation administered by an industrial and petrochemical regulating agency, we can help you return to work.

  • DISA – DISA is a compliance and drug screening service that works with companies in a variety of industries. If you have recently failed or refused to take a DISA test, we have helped many employees with their DISA return-to-duty programs, and we’re ready to help you!

  • ASAP – ASAP’s drug and alcohol testing programs are used by companies all across America. ASAP works with a wide array of industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, construction, mining, offshore oil, manufacturing, and more. Our SAPs are well-versed in the ASAP return-to-work steps and can help you get your life back on track after failing an ASAP drug test.

  • First Advantage – First Advantage provides comprehensive background screening solutions for over 35,000 organizations worldwide. If you have tested positive for a First Advantage enforced alcohol or drug screening, we can help guide you, step by step, through the process of returning to work.

  • NASAP – The North American Substance Abuse Program (NASAP) utilizes third-party administrators — DISA, ASAP, Forward Edge, and more — to help their clients maintain a workplace free of drug and alcohol abuse and assure compliance with participating substance abuse programs. If you have failed a NASAP drug screening, the SAPs at Affordable Evaluations are ready to help.

Why Go Through A Return-To-Work Program?

Return-to-work programs have proven to be beneficial to both employees and employers. They give employees a second chance and an opportunity to retain their position, and they keep employers from having to hire and train new talent, as well as ensure that their workplace is free of substance abuse.


When there is a violation of the drug and alcohol testing policies, employers are required to provide employees with contact information for SAPs. It is ultimately up to the employee to decide whether or not they complete an SAP-guided program. For many employers, automatic termination is not the default consequence of a failed drug test, and the completion of a return-to-duty program can save their position. Although the decision to re-hire the employee is at the discretion of the employee, many companies see the value in giving employees a second chance. An effective return-to-work program allows you to make the most of this chance, helping to recuperate, protect your income, and put you on the path toward recovery and steady employment.


A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. When employees are unable to continue working, their absence can affect productivity, morale, and their overall bottom line. Helping employees return to work after a failed drug evaluation is a win-win for both employees and employers. When you give your employees a second chance through a return-to-duty program, you are able to retain their talent and your investment in them, ensure their sobriety, and maximize the output of your workforce.

As an employer, when you partner with Affordable Evaluations, we will leverage our skills and experience to ensure that your employees meet all industry standards and all the individual policies necessary to protect your business.

Why Affordable Evaluations?

At Affordable Evaluations, we are guided by compassion, integrity, and professionalism. Our SAPs are deeply committed to helping you restore your status, build strong relationships, and remain gainfully employed. Our robust combination of experience and compassion allow us to work directly with you to re-establish your career and eliminate the confusion and frustrations that come after being suspended from your place of employment.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your participation in our return-to-duty program.