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Legal Testing Services For Court-Ordered Tests, Out-Of-State Evaluations, CPS, Probation & More



Have you been ordered by a court or legal entity to submit a drug test? We are certified and capable of performing a range of professional and reliable legal testing services. Whether you are in need of a court-ordered alcohol assessment or a drug test for probation, we can help. We can even perform court-ordered evaluations for courts outside of Texas.


Court-ordered drug and alcohol testing can be demanded for a number of reasons. It could be a part of a divorce, child custody case, or pre-trial service. The testing professionals at Affordable Evaluations have the experience and authorization to work with attorneys, courts, and other parties of the legal system for court-ordered drug and alcohol evaluations.

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Probation drug testing programs vary from state to state. Often times the type of test will depend upon the offender and the jurisdiction. We offer fully customizable drug testing services and panels to meet the unique needs of your testing requirements. Contact us today to schedule your alcohol and/or drug test for probation.

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Child Protective Services (CPS)

If you are involved in a legal battle involving child custody, random or scheduled drug testing may be required. Whether you are being asked by Child Protective Services (CPS) or adhering to a court-ordered agreement made between both spouses, we can help you get the professional and reliable drug and/or alcohol evaluation you need.

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If you have recently relocated or are being asked to submit an alcohol or drug evaluation for another state, we can eliminate the need for you to have to travel outside of Texas. If you have violated the law in another state, we can handle the drug and alcohol testing requirements set by out-of-state courts.

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Why Affordable Evaluations?

When it comes to legal issues, the results of a drug test can have serious consequences. Any violation of probation or a legal agreement can subject the individual to more stringent restrictions, substance abuse evaluation, drug treatment, and potentially jail. Because of the severity of this matter, it is important to turn to a reliable and professional drug testing service.

At Affordable Evaluations, we are guided by fairness, compassion, and professionalism, and we strive to process your evaluation as quickly as possible without ever sacrificing integrity. When you turn to us, we promise confidentiality, courtesy, affordability, and expediency.

If you are in the Houston area and in need of quick, reliable, and certified drug or alcohol evaluations, contact us today at 281-971-1969.