Industrial and Petrochemical Regulating Agencies

Industrial and petrochemical companies are responsible for the production of many of the goods that make our lives easier and more comfortable. Products like shoes, paint, eyeglasses, and game controllers are all examples of the types of goods produced by the petrochem industry.

For good reasons, the petrochem industry and other similar companies are deeply committed to safety, reducing risks, and keeping their employees safe. The chemicals and processes with which they work can be dangerous and hazardous when not handled properly. Companies like ExxonMobil, BP, Tesoro, Valero Energy Corporation, and Chevron go to great efforts to ensure that their employees, workspace, and communities are safe. From requiring drug tests to making employees attend prevention safety classes, there are a number of ways to enhance the safety and awareness of companies.

For most industrial and petrochemical companies, they require their prospective employees to complete the following:

  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Background check
  • Language requirements

What If I Fail A Drug Test For Industrial & Petrochemical Regulating Agencies?

If you have failed a drug or alcohol evaluation administered by an industrial and petrochemical regulating agency, you may feel like all is lost. This, however, is not always the case. By working with a certified substance abuse professional to complete a return-to-work program you can get your career and life back on track.

Return-To-Work Programs

At Affordable Evaluations, we specialize in return-to-work programs for DOT employees and non-DOT employees, such as those working in industrial and petrochemical agencies. Our substance abuse professionals have met the credential and training requirements set by these respective agencies. From the moment you call us to the moment you take your drug evaluation, allowing you to return to work, we are committed to helping you restore your status and employment.

Ready to get your career back on track? Contact Affordable Evaluations today to learn more about our return-to-duty programs. We also offer DISA return-to-duty programs.

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