DISA Global Solutions

DISA is a compliance and drug screening service that works with thousands of companies in a variety of industries across the country. Their guiding principle is that employers are more apt to make good decisions when they are equipped with accurate and comprehensive information regarding their employees’ readiness and well-being. DISA provides the following services to arm employers with the necessary tools and information to make these decisions:


DOT and Transportation Compliance

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What If I Failed My DISA Drug And Alcohol Test?

Whether you are employed with a DOT agency or non-DOT agency, chances are that if you work with heavy machinery, transportation, or some other industry where safety is paramount, you may encounter a DISA drug and alcohol test. If you fail your DISA drug test or refuse to take your drug test, you may feel like there is no chance of getting your career back on track. This, however, is not always the case.

DISA Return-To-Duty Program

Many companies and industries that have partnered with DISA to screen and train employees also offer their employees the chance to remedy their mistake and keep their job. This is accomplished by working with a trained substance abuse professional to complete a certified return-to-work program.

At Affordable Evaluations, we specialize in return-to-work programs for DOT employees and non-DOT employees. Our substance abuse professionals have all the necessary credentials required to conduct DISA return-to-work programs. We have helped many employees with their DISA return-to-duty programs, and we’re ready to help you!

We also offer DOT return-to-duty programs, SAP return-to-work programs, legal testing services, and more. Learn more about us, founder Tammy Samour, and contact Affordable Evaluations today at 281-971-1969 to learn more or to being the return-to-duty process.

Learn more about the steps of our DISA return-to-duty program.