Alcohol Treatment—FAQs and Information

According to the American Addiction Centers, more than seven percent of Americans have an alcohol disorder. This equates to roughly 17 million people in the United States. Of this population, 5.7 million are women and 11.2 million are men. Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) can make it extremely difficult to carry out daily functions, causing happiness and relationships to be severely affected.

Probation Drug Tests—What You Need To Know

Have you been placed on probation? If so, then you will likely be required to take part in a probation drug test. Not sure what this entails? That’s okay—in today’s blog, we at Affordable Evaluations would like to answer these questions and hopefully shine some light on probation drug testing.

Probation Drug Test

Probation drug tests began in the 1960s as a treatment program to help and monitor heroin users.

The History of Drug Testing in the Workplace

The costs and the effects of addiction are becoming harder and harder to ignore. Some studies estimate that addiction in the workplace is costing companies upwards of $276 billion a year. This staggering number, coupled with the fact that 70 percent of illegal drug users also report having full-time jobs, poses a serious threat to businesses all across the country.